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Loan Interest Rates & Charges

Enclosed below are Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rates & Charges. Here is the list of all the charges applicable to your Two Wheeler Loans.

Description of Charges Two Wheeler Loans
Loan Processing Charges Maximum – 3% of Loan Amount
Documentation Charges Maximum – 3% of Loan Amount
Pre-payment charges
  • Within 4 months to 6 months from the 1st EMI – 10% of principal outstanding
  • Within 7 months to 12 months from the 1st EMI – 6% of principal outstanding
  • 13-24 months from 1st EMI – 5% of principal outstanding
  • Post 24 months from 1st EMI – 3% of principal outstanding
  • Prepayment is not allowed within three months of EMI repayment
No Due Certificate / No Objection Certificate (NOC) Nil
Overdue EMI Interest 2.5% Per Month on the Unpaid Installment
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