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The struggle is so real that one must pass through it and conquer the world…

Born in a middle-class family, Dilip Patil had come a long way than anyone in the automobile sector. He used to live in the severe drought-prone area Yavatmal. Mr. Dilip Patil was an enthusiastic kid like every other student, but his dreams are just different from everyone. Unlikely of his friends, Mr. Dilip Patil had always wanted to see himself as a responsible human being. He was so much interested in automobiles from the then. He continued his studies until graduation. Father helped him to settle in a government organization as a civil contractor. As he couldn’t handle the pressure of knee-deep corruption, he quit his job. A spark was being ignited in his mind after entering an automobile shop in Malad. He discussedwith the shop owner and got to learn about the business. After the resignation, it is no easy path for him to enter the automobile industry. Even under the extreme stress of ambiguity and tantrums thrown on him, he found his path. A path which he was destined to walk. With limited resources, minimal knowledge and budget, he got his HMSI dealership in 2002. Mr. Dilip Patil’s child was born in Thane, named Sai point automobiles privately limited.

Responsibility is huge and everything is at stake…

The dealership had brought its own problems with it, but Mr. Dilip didn’t bulge. The persistent hard work with his limited resources and manpower, he achieved success within two years by eliminating all the fears in business. He manoeuvred the process of gaining trust from dealers and customers by delivering the target within stipulated time. Slowly he has started to raise reputation from higher officials. Customers started to rush-in and keep doing business with it constantly. Eventually opened various stores in multiple places like Thane, Bhiwandi, Mira Road, Purna, Mumbra, Kopari, Johar, Yavatmal, Wani, Pusad, Arni, Pandharkawda, Nagpur, Manewada, and goa. He even expanded his dealership business to finance marketing and also Maruti & Nexa car dealership in Goa. Under his service, Automobile wing had shown immense growth of 25% Y-O-Y for the last decade. By spreading across Maharashtra on large scale business, it had 4,75,000 satisfied customers on the road in India. The turnover of the company is 1000 crores. With the huge success of business in Maharashtra, awards and accolades had started to pour in his shelf.

Mr. Dilip Patil had achieved remarkable success, won many awards and accolades within a short time span. Under his service as MD, HMSI has awarded Sai point automobiles, Thane showroom as all India number one dealer for four years, and four Times as all India number two Dealers in 18 Years of service. Even awards are just a mere appreciation in front of his determination at work. Diligent nature of work and persistent goals made him stand high from anyone. In one of his interviews he shared notable words on his organization, “At SAI Point Finance, My mission is to continue to build a strong reputation for delivering innovative products backed by high quality, customer-friendly services. The automotive industry is rapidly changing, and we believe there is a need to digitize and scale up our services. On another hand, we treat employees as an extension of ourselves. The employee attrition is zero. In fact, few employees who had left earlier have come back and joined us. This actually shows the transition we are in.”

SPFC Future Vision…..

SPFC Finance to be established as SPFC Bank By 2025

  • Umpteen opportunities under his reign…He had some exceptional future plans by opening 21 new showrooms across the country by providing employment to 5000 people. Right now, he is holding the position of director at the federation of automobile dealers in Delhi.
  • His philosophy is thought to provoke…Mr. Dilip Patil’s motto is to achieve profitability through complete customer satisfaction with reliable maintenance. To provide in-line growth with market growth and potential to all stakeholders.
  • One must have to look through the prism, and wary of possibilities those life can offer. One who is capable of standing still at the crisis, going to make it to the far end like our successful entrepreneur Dilip Patil.
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